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.:T-I:. Double Trouble Trapeze Collab! by Skylark-13
.:T-I:. Double Trouble Trapeze Collab!

So! This was a collab with GoldenSnowfire who is creator of Sis (Sibusiso).
She did the lines, and I colored and added those stripes in the back that I'm seriously questioning. ;w; If anyone things the stripes are too painful on the eyes, tell me, I'll take them out--

But yeah. This is Sis and Julian doing a trapeze act together. Normally, they perform separately, so doing something together was an interesting challenge. Sis helped figure out the theme for their performance, despite Julian's awkwardness; Romeo and Juliet. They practiced a lot to get through it without Julian becoming horribly flustered, but by the time of the talent show, they had it down perfect. ;w;

So yes, I hope you enjoy!

Sis and Lines © GoldenSnowfire
Julian and Colors © Skylark-13 (Me)
   Where all the mistletoe had come from, nobody was really sure. Several people assumed Rawk had done it in an effort to prank everyone on the island, but even this seemed too much for just him. There was mistletoe draped from practically every surface high enough and solid enough to hold it, meaning that plenty of people were walking around awkwardly pretending they didn’t see it.
   Unless of course, Rawk spotted them. The boxer could be heard up and down the street, calling people out and forcing them to kiss, or at least forcing as best he could. Some people still seemed to simply ignore him and move on, but the greater population of the island simply gave each other awkward looks and quick pecks on the cheek to make him happy before running along.
   Julian had managed to dodge the boxer for most of the day, having wanted to get out of the Cirque for a bit and get some air- but not particularly keen on the whole kissing fiasco going around. Most people seemed more than content to walk by and pretend they had never seen the mistletoe- but others… he had narrowly avoided.
   Now, the birdie was just trying to get back to the Cirque- but that wasn’t going so well either. Every turn seemed to put him close enough to hear Rawk’s voice, and he was desperate to avoid him, sincerely not wanting to have to kiss anyone- but in his efforts to run away, the other’s voice just seemed to be getting louder, making his attempts to flee more frantic-
   Only for him to turn a corner without looking and slam right into someone, hard enough to knock him off his feet with a squeak. He looked up in surprise, startled- only to go red as he realized who he had run into.
   “Whoaa there, careful!” Rawk told the birdie, before offering a hand to help him up that the terrified trapeze artist barely had the courage to accept. Still, he allowed the boxer to help him up- only to stiffen with terror as the larger male pointed up.
   “Mistletoe,” he said simply, making the birdie squeak slightly in terror before nodding- and then turning to run for his life. “Hey- wait-!!” called Rawk, but Julian paid no attention- he simply booked it as fast as he could, paying no mind to where he was going as long as it was away from Rawk.
   After a time, the birdie slowed down, turning and walking backwards to check and make sure Rawk wasn’t behind him- only to feel himself slamming into someone else, causing him to tumble to the ground yet again, but this time on his hands and knees. He winced, shaking his hands to try lessening the pain in his palms- before rapidly looking to see who it was.
   He’d run into a boxer again, but this time instead of red, it was the blue one. He relaxed some, expecting that Sawk wouldn’t make him kiss him. In fact, the other seemed rather upset he’d caused him to fall.
   “Crap, are you okay? I did not mean to run into you, I didn’t see you--” Julian smiled gently, shaking his head a little and accepting the help that was offered to get up- though being careful to only accept one of the other’s proffered hands.
   No need to let him know he’d skinned his palm- Sawk was apologizing too much for his silly mistake already.
   “I-it’s fine, really,” Julian stammered, smiling shyly and messing with his lip piercing a bit before stiffening as a pair of hands rested upon his shoulders.
   “Aha! I found you!” spoke a voice that… Julian had hoped he’d escaped. He flushed red, glancing over his shoulder at Rawk before turning back to face Sawk, his eyes squeezing shut with hopes he’d avoid the inevitable.
   “Rawk, what are you doing?” Sawk asked, earning only an amused laugh from the red brother.
   “Making sure this one doesn’t run from another person he’s caught under the mistletoe with!” he explained, pointing over their heads. Julian looked up rapidly, flushing darker at the sight of the leafy green plant that, as far as he was concerned, spelled out certain doom.
   “... Rawk, if he does not want to kiss someone, you should not force him,” Sawk replied, frowning some- and as Rawk began to reply, Julian squirmed out of his grip, darting around behind Sawk and hiding behind him. The blue boxer blinked, glancing at him in surprise, before smiling slightly.
   “Nobody celebrates the spirit of the holiday anymore,” Rawk huffed, frowning a moment before seeming to take Sawk’s defense into consideration. He stood there for another few moments- before hurrying off to torment someone else.
   “T-thank you-” Julian stammered softly once he was gone, glancing up at Sawk softly before giving him a gentle smile.
   “You are welcome,” replied the taller male, smiling back before glancing up at the mistletoe with a faint blush. “... He is right though…” Thoughtfully, the boxer kissed his palm and patted Julian on the head before walking off, leaving the birdie to stare after him in surprise- before making a run for the Cirque, really wanting to be free of all the danger.
   Besides… nobody could reach him while he was on his trapeze bar.
.:T-I:. SS: Merry (Late) Christmas Lia!

; u ; This is late and short and I'm so so sorry--
But for T-I's Secret Santa this year I got :icongrooveysmoothie: and yeah I--
I don't rp with you enough. ; w ;
But yeah--

I'm so sorry if Rawk or Sawk are OOC I-- I tried-- //cries

Icanwritemorelaterjust,,,nottobesubmitted,,,,? //slapped
.:Radio-City:. Malakai by Skylark-13
.:Radio-City:. Malakai


This took me decades but I'm finally done and I'm so happy I at least finished in time-
Now to see how the actual applying bit goes. ;u;

Name: Malakai
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Height: 6'1”
Weight: 167 lbs.

|| Flirtatious || Cocky || Player || Nostalgic || Jealous || Mischievous || Compassionate || Charming ||

When one first meets Malakai it will be blatantly obvious just how flirtatious he is. Next, people will typically notice his cockiness, and finally, that he's very much a player. They often won't see, however, the reverence he holds for nostalgia, and keeping memories close. He'll also often get jealous, though others won't always see this- or they'll assume he's playing around. He does legitimately become jealous, however, despite what most would believe. Due to his penchance for playing pranks, some might call him mischievous- though it's a title he wouldn't truly refuse. Overall, although he comes off as flirty and obsessed with relationships, he can still be compassionate, and most definitely charming, a trait he actually doesn't use for what most would expect. At least, not all the time.

|| Sour Things || Candy || Flirting || Peppermint || Rain || Animals ||
|| Spicy Things || Snakes || Serious Relationships || Green Peppers || Humidity || Being Called A Whore ||

Song of Choice: Blank Space by Taylor Swift

Track Description/Interpretation: This track describes a person who regards relationships as something of a game; it's never anything serious, only seeing how long they can tolerate each other until it becomes too much. The person likes to see how much enjoyment they can get out of a relationship before it cracks, and doesn't care if the other person gets hurt- or leaves entirely happy. The song talks about changing to fit a person's desires, at least for a little while, before going completely insane and jealous- yet the other will still come back, of course! Because the person is a 'nightmare dressed like a daydream'. Finally, we come to understand the person simply believes that boys only want love if it's torture.
In Malakai, this all takes the form of a person who doesn't take relationships seriously- at most, he wants a casual fling or even just a one night stand. He doesn't particularly mind if he hurts someone, though he doesn't try to outright- it just happens, and to him it's a part of loving someone. When he's actually in a relationship, he does all in his power to enjoy it through its duration- but when it's over, there's no hurt feelings on his part. The part of the song that says “got a long list of ex-lovers” and “I've got a blank space baby, and I'll write your name” have been interpreted into a literal notebook of names of past lovers and relationships, with little fond memories written alongside that he likes to look over when he's perhaps feeling upset. The nightmare dressed like a daydream is taken as dressing attractively, so I tried to make him look attractive- and he fullheartedly believes that a little teasing and playing mean will make anyone love him.

Track History: A spunky, less than conventional song, Malakai always got odd looks and distasteful scowls once he came of age. As a young child, he was known as the boy who had kissed the most girls- as he hit adolescence, he became the boy who broke the most hearts. Most people regarded him as attractive, but dangerous to mess with- yet that didn't stop many of them. Some were heartbroken- others were smart enough to keep themselves from getting attached. Through it all, Malakai quite simply liked the sorts of intimate relationships he had with people- but he didn't get sad when one ended, merely looked on to the next, wanting to spend as much time as possible being happy.

Orientation: Pansexual
Relationships: N/A (Yet!)

-Malakai literally has a notebook full of names and entries- a journal, of sorts- that lists every single person he has ever dated and/or slept with. With each name is a picture, as well as a little jotted down memory to help him remember them all. The notebook is... at least half full already.
-He has a tongue piercing he got when he was seventeen, and he quite enjoys sticking his tongue out at people and watching their reactions the first time they see it.

SO. Yeah. Some sign of life. All I do journals of is memes. This one's a particularly bad one... |D
Turned seventeen yesterday~ >D


[] Against the wall.
[] On a bed.
[] Fast.
[] Doggy style.
[] In the shower.
[] On the kitchen counter.
[] On the washing machine.
[] You're on top.
[] Anal.
[] We wouldn't.
[] I don't know...
[] I am 10 and what is this?!
[] Over my dead body!
[] Oh, you would want that, wouldn't you?
[] The things I'd do to you, guess for you being topless has its advantages.


[] Kiss back.
[] Blush.
[] Slap you.
[] Stare at you, wondering if we would kiss again. 
[] Laugh about it.
[] Bite your lip.
[] If you work hard for it, maybe the tongues will play.
[] Push you away.
[] We wouldn't. 
[] Sorry, my lips are not give-away gifts.

[] Hug back. 
[] Pull you closer.
[] Push you away.
[] Let you hug me.
[] We wouldn't.

[] Have children with you.
[] Divorce you.
[] Be faithful.
[] Kill you in your sleep.
[] Be the best wife/husband.
[] We wouldn't. 
[] Heh, married? I don't think we're ready to go on that level just yet.

[] In a heartbeat. 
[] I already did.
[] I am right now.
[] I would but it probably wouldn't work.
[] Maybe.
[] If you asked.
[] No.
[] I guess it all depends.

[] Kick you out.
[] Scream.
[] Cuddle.
[] Smash. 
[] Chill.
[] Look at you and go back to sleep.
[] Make you breakfast. 
[] Kiss you.
[] I wouldn't.
[] In your dreams.

[] Boy.
[] Girl. 
[] A surprise.
[] We wouldn't.

[] The condom broke. 
[] You/I didn't pull out in time.
[] On purpose.
[] We were drunk.
[] It just happened.
[] Genetically impossible.

[] Together.
[] On and off.
[] Friends with benefits.
[] Friends.
[] I wouldn't date you.
[] We're family.

[] Hug me when you see me next.
[] Inbox me. 
[] Talk to me more
[] Chill with me.
[] Nothing.
[] I don't know.
[] Make this as your journal so I can comment!
  • Mood: Happy
  • Listening to: Girlfriend by Icona Pop
  • Reading: Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver
  • Drinking: Mountain Dew: Live Wire

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